Beware of fake profiles on Telegram. All exchanges take place only through online chat and through an application on the site. Read more about the recommendations here:

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Our exchange service asks and warns: exchanges must be made only through the site and through the creation of an application for the safety and reliability of the transaction.
1. If you have previously made a cash exchange in one of our offices and you have an employee contact, you must, in any case, contact the site and create an application when you re-exchange. And get the current contact of the employee from the operator in the online chat.
Perhaps this employee no longer works in the exchanger? Did he not perform well? Please ask yourself this question. Always get the current contact of an employee only on the site in an online chat or in the official Telegram – at the top right icon and click on the button – write.
2. We give you all contacts of employees working in offices when carrying out cash transactions in the form of links. Via You need to click on the link, and you get to the right account! If you login via @ and see several contacts, all but one of them are scammers, you definitely need to confirm on the site that this is our employee by writing in an online chat, ask the operator for a link to the current employee in the office, if you click on the link, and you will get to the same correspondence that you conduct in telegram, then the contact of our employee is correct.
3. In our offices we work only with cash. In the office, we do not deal with bank transfers and receiving, sending funds to cards.
4. Let’s explain how the login in telegrams is explained from the nickname, nickname, this is the text next to the photo (avatar), it can be seen at the top in the middle, if this TG is not added to the phone book by phone number, then it will be called exactly as the owner indicates it , Nick can be changed at any time and it is not unique. To find out the login, click on the nickname, your username will open, and the login in the TG is always written through @ by the manager himself.
5. Fraudsters often put the real login of the exchanger or user in place of the nickname in order to confuse him, and thereby deceive him. Be vigilant and follow the above recommendations!