We perform AML verification of transactions, more information can be found at: https://keine-exchange.com/aml-reglament/.
Beware of fake profiles in Telegram. All exchanges take place only through online chat and through the application form on the website. Read more recommendations here: https://keine-exchange.com/kak-ne-stat-zhertvoy-moshennika-vyidayushhego-sebya-za-nash-obmennik-v-telegram/.

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Through our exchanger, it became possible to replenish your Instaforex account from your bank card, or for cash without a commission, the withdrawal costs 2.5%. To do this, write to us in Telegram login @keineadmin, or follow the link to add our contact to the TG: https://telegram.me/keineadmin
The minimum exchange amount with cash is $1,000, if the exchange amount is lower, a courier commission of $30 is paid, from a bank card: $100